Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & Annual Operation Contract (AOC)

The Environmental Test Chambers has to works continuously to meet the test requirements. According to Known standards, most of the tests are long duration test and there are restrictions on interruption during testing also. It means that there is equal importance of maintenance, which can be understand from the following Bath Tub Curve.

Environmental Test Chambers are sophisticated equipment. Skilled manpower is required having MIX DISCIPLINE expertise in the field of Instrumentation, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering to carry out maintenance.

We ensures high availability of the test chambers for testing by strictly following the Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Health Monitoring base Maintenance (HMBM).

We take up maintenance of any make (Indian and Imported) Environmental Test Chambers. It is also valid for operation of the chambers particularly such a large or medium capacity testing labs, where testing activities continue round the clock. Envirotec Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is having enough strength of skilled and semi-skilled engineers & technician to take care of such activity at user end.

We provide our services as follows:

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with spares and materials.
  • AMC without spares and materials
  • Maintenance of the systems on On Call Basis.
  • If numbers of equipments are more than 15 or if customer required, we can depute our engineer/technician permanently at user’s work place.
  • Annual Operation Contract (AOC)
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