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Four major considerations of our Quality Policy:

  1. Customer Education
  2. High Reliability
  3. Best Performance
  4. Independency
  1. Customer Education

Customers are not well aware of Environmental test chambers. Our traditional business model is to guide the customers through maze of specifying, purchasing and implementing the right (Optimum) chamber to save Cost, Power, downtime…etc. Many suppliers including foreign suppliers are taking benefit of it. Whereas, we arrange prefabrication meeting with client with design details, accept their suggestion before starting fabrication and explain in detail that what test will be demonstrated during acceptance testing. 

  1. High Reliability

EEIPL is an ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 45001-2015 certified company, strongly believes in continuous performance of Environmental chambers for years together, with high reliability and with minimum downtime. Any product working satisfactorily at suppliers premises, during warrantee period and working satisfactorily for years together has a vast difference.

Highly reliable product is a result of:

  • Vision
  • Willingness
  • Standardization of Design
  • Standardization of Process
  • Screening and selection of Components
  • Consideration of Customers Feedback

We apply our honest efforts to achieve high reliability, which finally leads to customer’s satisfaction.


Most of the Environmental Testing Labs are following the National or International standards. Our products are complying with most of the known standards. We have also observed ambiguity in some of the standards. In such cases we try to educate our customers and offer the best products.

Performance depends upon functioning of each item of the chamber. Take an example of a circulating fan (which is considered as simple item). Actually it is like a heart. During operation it never takes rest. It means that such a simple item like fan also requires highest reliability. Otherwise, best chamber can fail only because of failure of a fan. Providing a single long shaft, well balanced fan, specially lubricated and well protected bearing leads to high reliable working of the FAN.

Therefore, our Quality Section is selecting all the components by screening and defining well established and controlled processes for various activities to achieve total reliability. Two level Safety devices are provided for most of all the control parameters. First at near abnormal level tries correcting the parameters and at second level switches off the chamber at abnormal level. This ensures continuous testing without interruption.

All our products are well calibrated for true value of the parameters, uniformity in the workspace, high level automation to avoid error due to interference of the operators, recording / logging the measured values.


We are determined to provide highly reliable product and best services. However, we strongly feel that our customer shall not be dependent on us for various components used in for electrical, instrumentation and refrigeration systems. These components are of known brand and globally available. Full details of these components are available in our Service Manual. Moreover, service manual also contains full details for maintenance, minimum spares required to maintain etc. so that local trained technician can also carryout maintenance. We are maintaining records of each product to support our customers online.

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