( Serving Nation through Quality )

EEIPL is established in HYDERABAD. Hyderabad is an ancient city of Telangana State, INDIA now progressing in a race of development, industrialization and modernization

India is now emerging with high economic growth and industrialization. Considering the global situation, indigenization “आत्मनिर्भरता” is also need of the time. Environmental test facilities are used to qualify design of any product, prior to production.  

Means, quality of any product is a primary need of the indigenization to compete in global competition. Hence, various types of environmental test facilities are used to ensure quality of any product.


We manufacture all types of Environmental test facilities to qualify products Made in India.

In the era of globalization, we use some imported components which are available in open market. Moreover, design of the chambers is of such a type that any semiskilled person can maintain it. Whereas, most of imported chambers, users are dependent on suppliers only.

Means we serves the nation with clear idea of

Hot & Cold Chamber steady state

Dust Test Chamber

Hot Cold & Humidity Chamber

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Humidity Chamber

Rain Test Chamber

Temperature Cycling Chamber

Special Purpose Test Facilities

Fast Rate Temperature Cycling Chamber

Hot Chamber

Humidity Cycling Chamber

Ozone Climatic Test Chamber

Walk In Chamber

Under development:

Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber

Liquid to Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber

Three Zone Thermal Shock Chamber

Bump Test Facility

Altitude Test Chamber

Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test (Hast) Chamber


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