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1. Project K-15: Size 10mtrs in length (DRDO)

  • Remote sequential operation of doors opening from 200 meters away from the chamber for K15 missile.
  • This Chamber is procured for test firing the complete assembly of K 15.
  • We have atomized the entire missile testing facility for the qualification of the K-15.

2. Ballistic Evaluation Motors : HEMRL (Pune)

  • Partnered in design, development of Frames, Casings and qualification of Ballistic Evaluation Motors at HEMRL Pune.

3. SDSC (SDSC) Sriharikota

It should be of relevance and interest that we have RECREATED a working chamber of QUALITY by studying the Thermal Humidity chamber (out of order) and bringing out changes of high order, resulting in virtually a new walk-in chamber with a budget value of Rs.10 lakhs — of size 4500mm left to right X 2500mm front to back X 2500 top to bottom, otherwise which would have crossed Rs. 70 lakhs budget.

It was commissioned in March 2000 and is since working without any interruption. The chamber is now under our AMC.

Ref: Shri M. Satyanarayana DGM E & HATF, VAST
P.No: 08623 – 2245049
fax: 08623 – 2245067
Vide their P.O. No: E99 57189 dated, 15-11-1999.


It gives us pleasure and pride to inform you that – Perhaps for the first time in the country – we have successfully manufactured, supplied and commissioned a very big walk – in – chamber with the following features:-

01) Size: 12000mm X 1500mm X 1500mm
02) Door size: 3000mm X 1800mm: four (4) No´s.
03) Door opening: Top opening with sequential remote operation.
04) Controller: PC based user friendly controller.
05) Operation: Continuous.

This is now serving DRDL (now ASL) in the department of SPRITE.

Ref: Shri V.V Rao, Head-Sprite
Phone No: 040 24583611
P.O. No: DRDL/21/15C/2000/2554/15092, dated: 13-11-2000.

5. ASL (DRDL) - SPRITE, HYDERABAD / repeat order HEMRL - PUNE:

A unique state of an art Mobile conditioning chamber is supplied with the following features. More importantly, we are pleased that based on the track record of our quality and reliability, HEMRL placed an repeat order on us. You will find from it that we are not removed from the truth when we claimed that our Chambers enjoy a “proven track record ” for virtually trouble free performance.

  • The Chamber is mounted on a specially designed and tailor made trolley to facilitate toeing the chamber.
  • The Chamber is mounted on DYNAMOUNTS to withstand heavy vibrations.
  • The trolley is constructed with galvanized sheet metal fabricated cabin with door and window for rain protection of the chamber.
  • A change over switch is provided to run the chamber with Generator and also with regular power supply. i.e. while moving, the generator supply is utilized for the running of the chamber and regular supply is utilized when the chamber is stationary and where the power is available. To facilitate this arrangement a 20 metres power cable is provided.
  • A DG Set is provided and mounted on a separate chassis coupled to the trolley.

Ref: Shri T. Mohan Reddy Head Sprite
P.No: 040 24583611.
Vide their P.O. No: ASL/31/03/40201/14/0175/0126, dated 23-09-2004.

Ref: Sri M.J. Kohadkar Sc”F”
Phone No: 020 25869303
Fax: 020 25869661
P.O. No.: HEMRL/04-05/467/D-4, dated 28-02-2005.

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