Use of electronic was increased in 19th century for mainly for military and later on commercial purpose. Electronic is used for communication, audio & video broadcasting, automation of machines and plants, entertainment etc. considering the nature of fabrication, need of simulated environment arise to ensure reliability of the product to ensure performance in the field. The electronic product comes across various types of environments.

Earlier, environmental test chambers are made from available technology. As per example, mercury contact thermometers were used for measurement and control of the temperature, which are now replaced by sophisticated programmers. Now, total concept of test chambers are change in respect of micro controller base programmers, fast response sensors, recording & data logging of the test parameters, heating & cooling system etc. What is least affected is chamber structure. Such chamber performance can be augmented by refurbishment. Moreover, in many cases wear & tear is observed due to extensive of the chamber needs refurbishment.

We carry out total or partly refurbishment of all types of Environmental Test Chambers for improved reliability and best performance.

Refurbishment includes:

  • Structure repairs and repainting
  • Instrumentation & control system
  • Refrigeration system
  • Humidity generation system
  • Air circulation system
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