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This test chamber is to simulate dusty atmosphere. Normally test is carried out on assembled unit to establish its reliability of the assembly to resist leakage of dust inside the package. All standards are suggesting different methods for testing. We have capability deliver each type of the chamber. We are much familiar with IP numbers that is IP XX, where first character is numbered from 0 to 6 and is indicating severity of dusty environment.

Standard Models as per Various Standards:
  • IS 9000 and JSS 55555
    • Workspace in the chamber is cubical. In the bottom, two hoppers are provided. Each hopper one agitator is provided are rotated in clock wise/ anti clock wise directions. When agitators starts rotating, dust in the rotor flies in the workspace and return back to hopper.
    • A dust measuring device is kept in the chamber, which measures intensity of the dust in work space during testing.
    • Construction of the chamber in accordance with IS 9002
Standard Size of Chambers (Table-1)
ModelWorkspace Size
ENV-08-IS-JSS-1000 Liter100 x 100 x 100 cm
ENV-08-IS-JSS-2000 Liter126 x 126 x 126 cm
ENV-08-IS-JSS-3000 Liter145 x 145 x 145 cm
  • IEC/IS 60529 (IP code)
    • IP code is much familiar for electronic packages.
    • The chamber is to carry out test to conform IP5X and IP6X quality package.
    • Low pressure is developed inside the package due to natural thermal cycling. Dust will settle inside the package due to low pressure. Such low pressure is developed inside the package artificially as suggested in Catagery-1 type of tests.
Standard Size of Chambers (Table-2)
ModelWorkspace Size
ENV-08-IP-1000 Liter100 x 100 x 100 cm
ENV-08-IP-2000 Liter126 x 126 x 126 cm
ENV-08-IP-3000 Liter145 x 145 x 145 cm
  • Tests conditions specified for Catagery-1 is difficult to understand and hence, difficult to make also. Please take care during negotiation.
  • MIL-STD-810G
    • Three types of tests procedures are suggested and having following Major parameters:
Major Parameters Procedure-1 Blowing DustsProcedure-2 Blowing SandProcedure-3 Settling Dusts
Dust size, µm≤ 149150 to 850≤ 105
Temperature, 0C23 ±2 / ActualActual23 ±2
Air velocity, m/sec1.518-29/Actual0.2
DustChina Clay, Silica floor and other materialsSio2Quartz, Silica, Salt, Fertilizer, Organic fibers etc.
Duration230 C- 6 hours & Actual temp- 6 hours90 min3 days
  • We have discussed only major parameters. There are many minor parameters also. Therefore, clients are requested to discuss with us their requirements with us and we will suggest detail option.
Clients are requested to select appropriate model from Table-1 or Table-2. In case if client is interested to follow MIL standard, Kindly contact us for appropriate technical proposal.
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