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The Chamber is used to carry out Hot Tests at any temperature within specified limit. It meets almost all National and International Standards. Controlled heating with specific heating rate and step heating is required, select program controller to meet te requirement.

Final ModelWork Space (H x W x D)Static Load of SteelThermal loadNo. of Selves
ENV-10-1-125 Liters50 x 50 x 50 cm10 Kg20 watts1
ENV-10-1-450 Liters75 x 75 x 80 cm25 Kg50 watts2
ENV-10-1-1000 Liters100 x 100 x 100 cm50 Kg100 watts2
ENV-10-1-CBCustom BuiltSpecifySpecifySpecify
We have delivered Hot Cold & Humidity Chamber up to 10 x 4.5 x 3.5 meter size

 Major Specifications:

  • Temperature range: (150 C above Ambient) to +3000 C (Specify your testing range)
  • Air breather is provided for smooth temperature control
  • Temperature sensor: Pt-100 sensor
  • Control accuracy: Better than +/- 0.50 C (+/-10 C for Walk In Chambers)
  • Indicators for important functions and audio-visual alarm are provided
  • Heating rate: 1° C/min (Average)
  • Workspace is made from 18 gauge SS 304 sheet
  • Outside is made from CRCA 18 gauge sheet and is painted with anti corrosive PU paint (Better than powder coating)
  • Standard Port Holes: 50 mm / 100 mm / 150 mm diameter (Specify)
  • Selves are provided which can be adjusted throughout height
  • Multilayer observation window with illumination
  • Caster wheel up to 1000 Liter models
Ambient condition: 100 to 450 C Control Instrumentation Options:
  • Multispan or equivalent temperature controllers will be used (for manual control)
  • Eurotherm programming controller Model 2404
  • PLC-HMI base programming control
Optional Accessories (Select):  Temperature Data Logger (not suggested for PLC-HMI programmer) Major Safety Protection:
  • Independent workspace over & under temperature protection
  • Motor winding over temperature protection for semi sealed refrigeration compressors
  • High discharge and low suction pressure correction before tripping
  • Refrigeration compressor tripping at abnormal high discharge and low suction pressure
  • Over Current Relays (OLR), MCBs etc. are provided as required.
Power Supply:
  • 415 Volt – 50 Hz – 3Φ – N – E OR 230 Volt – 50 Hz -1Φ – E

 Cost Controlling Factors:

Many parameters like temperature range, workspace size, controllers, cooling rate etc. are affecting the cost. Therefore, be careful while providing such details to control cost of the chamber.

DescriptionOur Standard SpecificationsSelect or Specify Your Requirement Remarks
ENV-01-1-125 Liters50 x 50 x 50 cmSelect / tick mark the Model
ENV-01-1-450 Liters75 x 75 x 80 cm
ENV-01-1-1000 Liters100 x 100 x 100 cm
ENV-01-1-CBSize: _____ W x _____ D x _____ H cm.Specify any other information
Static load: _____ Kg of Steel
Dissipative load: _____ Watts
Temperature Range(150 C above Ambient) to +3000 CChoose your test range
Static LoadAs specified in TableSpecify if load is different
Dissipative LoadAs specified in Table
Port Holes50 mm ØYes/NoSelect & Specify quantity. Smaller Port Holes are preferable.
100 mm ØYes/No
150 mm ØYes/No
Temperature Controller / ProgrammerSimple controllerChoose to meet your requirement
Eurotherm Programmer
PLC/HMI programmer
Temperature Data Logger—-Yes/NoSpecify numbers of channels
NABL Calibration—-Yes/No—-
Specify additional requirements
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