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Purpose :

The Chamber is used to carry out Hot and Cold Steady State Tests at any temperature within specified limit. It meets almost all National and International Standards

Temperature Range: -730 to +2000 C (Specify your testing range) STANDARD SIZE OF CHAMBERS

Final ModelWork Space (H x W x D)Static Load of SteelThermal loadNo. of Selves
ENV-011-125 Liter – A OR B50 x 50 x 50 cm10 Kg20 watts1
ENV-011-450 Liter – A OR B75 x 75 x 80 cm25 Kg50 watts2
ENV-011-1000 Liter – A OR B100 x 100 x 100 cm50 Kg100 watts2
*ENV-011-CB – A OR BCustom Built (Specify H x W x D)SpecifySpecifyNot required
*    We have delivered Hot Cold & Humidity Chamber up to 10 x 4.5 x 3.5 meter size.

Standard Features:

  • Single stage refrigeration system is used up to -400 C and cascade refrigeration system is used below -400
  • Temperature sensing by Pt-100 sensor
  • Control accuracy: Better than +/- 0.5° C (+/-10 C for Walk In Chambers)
  • Heating and cooling rate: 1° C/min average
  • Standard Port Holes: 50 mm / 100 mm / 150 mm diameter (Specify)
  • Selves are provided which can be adjustable throughout height
  • Multilayer observation window with illumination
  • Caster wheel up to 1000 Liter models
  • Ambient condition: 10° to 40° C (specify lower or higher ambient temperature than specified)

Control Instrumentation Options: Multispan or equivalent controllers will be used.

Optional Accessories (Select):

  • Two channel Paperless chart recorder
  • Two channel data logger

Major Safety Protection:

  • Independent workspace over & under temperature protection
  • Motor winding over temperature protection for semi sealed refrigeration compressors
  • High discharge and low suction pressure correction before tripping
  • Refrigeration compressor tripping at abnormal high discharge and low suction pressure
  • Over current Relays (OLR), MCBs etc. are provided as required.

Power Supply:

  • 415 Volt – 50 Hz – 3Φ – N – E
  • 230 Volt – 50 Hz -1Φ – E

Provide Minimum Information While Rising Inquiry to Get Precise Quotation:

  • Select final model number from Table 1.
  • Please give Chamber size (Width x Depth x Height) and Thermal Load in case of Model: ENV-021-CB
  • Temperature range
  • Numbers of port holes and size (Size is mentioned above)
  • Air cooled or water cooled condenser. (We will decide for water cooled condenser for large size chambers)
  • Ambient high and low temperature if other than specified
  • Optional accessories (Select from above)
  • Specify any additional facilities if needed

Electric Supply Option:

  • 415 Volt – 50 Hz – 3Φ – N – E
  • 230 Volt – 50 Hz -1Φ- E

Cost Controlling Factors:

Many parameters like temperature range, workspace size, controllers, cooling rate etc. are affecting the cost. Therefore, be careful while providing such details to control cost of the chamber.

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