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This test is carried out as per EIA/JEDEC standard, test method A110-B. The test is known as HAST. Highly accelerated test is performed to evaluate reliability of solid state devices and components in high temperature and high humid environment. Moisture penetration action becomes faster due to high pressure. It can reach to absorption equilibrium condition in just 24 hours in compare to 1000 hour tests carried out at 850 C / 85% Rh test. The same time will be too high if condition is maintained at 40 C / 95% Rh. It can be estimated by reliability calculations. Means in present time test duration can be reduced drastically.

Test specifications suggested in the standard is as follows:

Temperature, 0CRelative Humidity, %*Wet Bulb Temperature, 0C

*Vapor Pressure,

Psia (kpa)



130 ±285 ±5124.733.2 (230)96 +2
110 ±285 ±5105.217.7 (122)264 +2
 *For information only


Because it is a pressurized workspace, it will be cylindrical type and as is required for screening of component, following size is most suitable size.

  • Workspace cylinder diameter: 50 cm
  • Effective length: 40 cm
  • Arrangement: Horizontal
  • Door: One side circular opening and locking multiple hand operated threaded wheels.
  • %Rh control: By pressure ratio calculation
  • Selves: 3, fixed type
  • Humidity generation: Electrically operated pressurized boiler
  • Temperature control in workspace: By conduction/convection from active chamber
  • Thermal insulation: Using active chamber.
  • Feed through: Two level feed through will be provided. Wires will enter to active chamber through open feed through. Pressure/leak proof
  • Ambient condition: 10° to 50° C
  • PT-100 sensor will be used for temperature
  • Electronic sensor (4-20 mA output) will be used for pressure measurement and control

Control Instrumentation: Multispan or equivalent controller

Optional Accessories:

  • Two channel Paperless chart recorder
  • Two channel data logger

Major Safety Protection:

  • Over current Relay (OLR) and MCBs are provided as required
  • Pressure safety valve for boiler

Power Supply:

  • 415 Volt – 50 Hz – 3Φ – N – E
  • 230 Volt – 50 Hz -1Φ – E
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